Lisisme Dubrovna & Talullah Winterwolf’s Opening Event

Influence Art Community formally opened with featuring “Lisisme Dubrovna & Talullah Winterwolf – 2 in 1 exhibit”. The visitors to the gallery were amazed with the sensual forms by Lisisme’s artwork and the unique forms captured by Talullah’s artwork. Both artists were present and engaged the visitors with there stylings and insight into there presentations. For the ones who missed, “the 2 in 1 exhibit” will have a period of 45 days.

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Talullah Winterwolf

From as far back as I remember I have had a pencil in my hand making pictures and stories on any kind of surface available about the strange goings on in my head.

These were always almost like a private diary to me and I’d never thought of exhibiting them before Second Life, even though I was trained in Art College in Fashion Design and had my own fashion and design studio.

My inspirations come from many sources, but the common thread is that all my creative works be it fashion, a photograph or a painting is that tells a story in some form or other.
Some of the stories are deeply autobiographical, others could be inspired by a chance snippet of conversation, an unintentional image caught in a random photograph, a memory, a line in a song or book…

In this collection, the majority of works explore dreams,childhood memories and feelings, but each one contains an emotion i was feeling strongly at the time.
I have tried to capture that feeling in the images and in doing so have realised that the very effect of layering the images and textures is suggestive of the way our memories are layered on top of each other and each whole is the sum of many parts.

At the minute I’m working in photography and i have a small vintage fashion outlet, but exhibiting in Second Life has inspired me to do so in my other life too.

Lisisme Dubrovna

Lisisme Dubrovna uses traditional media in stark Black & White and gray tones along with bronze sculptures to portray feminine subjects who are in the grip of deep existential uneasiness.

Her young women are immersed in filmy natural environments, representing their essential features in the acid of etching and lithograph, and the inherent strength and endurance of bronze.

They seem to be consumed by an obscure misfortune and intensely devouring internal life, and thus are invariably lonely.

These women with sensual bodies seem to show signs of being on the verge of disintegration, as are all things transient. All their energy seems to be concentrated in their vulnerable poses.

Lisisme Dubrovna is a 36 year old artist living and working in Rome, Italy and Victoria, BC, Canada. She has a degree in Fine Arts, Post Graduate studies at Beaux Arts in Paris and the EID in Rome, and a Masters in computer science where her specialization was computer graphics and animation.

She also works in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator doing computer graphics design work in RL.

She was born in Venezuela and raised in USA and Italy. She speaks English as well as Italian and Spanish.

Her work, represented here, is done with the techniques of etching, lithography, pen and ink, oils or acrylic paint on canvas and sculpting in the Lost Wax technique and casting in bronze.

Her true love is sculpting using the lost wax technique and casting in bronze or marble resin.

She brings her many talents and interests to Second Life with this show of her work. She is a Resident Artist at Isme Art Gallery. She also gives poetry readings and is the creator and owner of the Grand Canyon sims which are free for all to enjoy.

She is available as a terraformer, designer and builder and landscaper. She also DJ’s when time allows.

Indea’s Opening Event

Influence Art Community formally opened with featuring “The Women of St. Isabella Island” renderings by Indea Vaher. The visitors to the gallery were amazed with the unique forms captured by the artist. Indea was present and engaged the visitors with her stylings and insight into her presentations.

Indea's Opening Event Indea's Opening Event Indea's Opening Event Indea's Opening Event Indea's Opening Event Indea's Opening Event Indea's Opening Event Indea's Opening Event


The art in this exhibit profiles the women of the fictional St. Isabella Island (inspired by its RL counterpart a barrier Sea Island, located off the coast of the USA); because of its proximity St. Isabella Island has been preserved from assimilation for over a hundred years. The islanders speak with a distinct Creole blend of Elizabethan English and African languages, which was born of necessity on Africa’s Slave Coast. Customs preserved from the past are prevalent as the natives of St. Isabella carry on life as if time has stood still. The natives of St. Isabella carry on life as if time has stood still. The inhabitants continue with their old way of life; sewing baskets of sweet grass or pine, building flat bottomed boats for fishing and shrimping or dancing under a blue indigo moon. Here you will find live, and gigantic angel oaks draped with Spanish moss blowing in the breeze and under its expansive branches is a community meeting place or an isolated clandestine place for lovers to meet. These descendants of Africa, with some Barbadian and Haitian influences were freed at the onset of the Civil war, when the white land owners deserted the island in fear of the Union Army occupation and they have lived in freedom and isolation surrounded by the blue Atlantic, without bridges until recently.

These are the images from this beautiful secret island paradise and the women who call it home.

Indea Vaher

Indea Vaher Photo cropped

Indea Vahar would like to remain anonymous in SL but her RL work has been recognized internationally as a genuine illustration of the history and traditions of African American southern culture. Indea creates works that celebrate the common traditions of the historical African American cultures. She is well known for her brilliant coloring, intricate human and landscape forms, and themes that represent life in Sea Islands region and the bayous of Louisiana. A self-taught mixed media artist and instructor, Vahar has received honors and awards from many organizations, and she has exhibited across the nation. Her work has appeared in many national publications and can be found in celebrity and private collections worldwide.
SUNRISE MANSION (SRM) ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM was created in the tradition of Melrose Plantation, by artist Indea Vaher , a Louisiana Cane River Creole descendant. Vaher was always intrigued with Marie Therese Coincoin a former slave who became a wealthy business woman and established Melrose Plantation in the late 18th century. The rl grounds of Melrose contain what may well be the oldest buildings of African design built by Blacks for the use of Blacks in the country. The plantation later became a colony for artists and writers. Many would live in restored buildings from the plantations’ colonial past including Clementine Hunter Louisiana’s most famous folk artist.

He La

Artist Biography

“My SL name is HeLa Lennie (Hela means cell type in an immortal cell line btw).

I discovered Second Life quite by accident; I was bored in RL after my graduation at the Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic Design and was looking for something to distract me.
In Second Life, my passion has turned to fashion, so I launched a fashion brand called He La.

He La is a brand that is mostly high fashion; inspired by my Real Life story, which is not exactly pretty. That’s why my designs contain a ’touch of darkness’.
Besides the He La Design brand I run a He La furniture shop, which is just starting.

In real life, except for design, I am a lover of fantasy and photography, which leads me in Second Life, to make pictures expressing parts of the RL me.”