Lisisme Dubrovna

Lisisme Dubrovna uses traditional media in stark Black & White and gray tones along with bronze sculptures to portray feminine subjects who are in the grip of deep existential uneasiness.

Her young women are immersed in filmy natural environments, representing their essential features in the acid of etching and lithograph, and the inherent strength and endurance of bronze.

They seem to be consumed by an obscure misfortune and intensely devouring internal life, and thus are invariably lonely.

These women with sensual bodies seem to show signs of being on the verge of disintegration, as are all things transient. All their energy seems to be concentrated in their vulnerable poses.

Lisisme Dubrovna is a 36 year old artist living and working in Rome, Italy and Victoria, BC, Canada. She has a degree in Fine Arts, Post Graduate studies at Beaux Arts in Paris and the EID in Rome, and a Masters in computer science where her specialization was computer graphics and animation.

She also works in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator doing computer graphics design work in RL.

She was born in Venezuela and raised in USA and Italy. She speaks English as well as Italian and Spanish.

Her work, represented here, is done with the techniques of etching, lithography, pen and ink, oils or acrylic paint on canvas and sculpting in the Lost Wax technique and casting in bronze.

Her true love is sculpting using the lost wax technique and casting in bronze or marble resin.

She brings her many talents and interests to Second Life with this show of her work. She is a Resident Artist at Isme Art Gallery. She also gives poetry readings and is the creator and owner of the Grand Canyon sims which are free for all to enjoy.

She is available as a terraformer, designer and builder and landscaper. She also DJ’s when time allows.


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