Talullah Winterwolf

From as far back as I remember I have had a pencil in my hand making pictures and stories on any kind of surface available about the strange goings on in my head.

These were always almost like a private diary to me and I’d never thought of exhibiting them before Second Life, even though I was trained in Art College in Fashion Design and had my own fashion and design studio.

My inspirations come from many sources, but the common thread is that all my creative works be it fashion, a photograph or a painting is that tells a story in some form or other.
Some of the stories are deeply autobiographical, others could be inspired by a chance snippet of conversation, an unintentional image caught in a random photograph, a memory, a line in a song or book…

In this collection, the majority of works explore dreams,childhood memories and feelings, but each one contains an emotion i was feeling strongly at the time.
I have tried to capture that feeling in the images and in doing so have realised that the very effect of layering the images and textures is suggestive of the way our memories are layered on top of each other and each whole is the sum of many parts.

At the minute I’m working in photography and i have a small vintage fashion outlet, but exhibiting in Second Life has inspired me to do so in my other life too.


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