Ajax Ogleby

Official Ajax Ogleby Biography

Ajax Ogleby has been collecting art for many years in second life. After some time, he decided to build several galleries as displays for his collection. No one noticed, no one came. It occurred to him that perhaps creating art was the way to go. So, he pursued a career as a second life photographer, documenting all the crazy things he saw in second life. Difficult as it was, he was determined not to let a lack of talent or taste interfere with becoming successful.
Three long years later he finally admitted that, as his daddy always used to say, “You can wrap a tiger up in ribbons but it still has it’s stripes…or pajamas…or something.” A change in approach was needed. After consulting several online e coaches about how to win success and influence art, Ajax realized what he needed was a sponsor, someone that, at least, looked like they had talent that he could represent. Since second life itself is set up on the premise of the same as, but completely different, Ajax was sure that this was the answer.
Ajax chose a real life photographer and imported (stole) his images off his computer and into second life. He then modeled himself as an avatar fronting for a real life photographer or person. The same as, but different. Finally Ajax was a “real photographer”.
Gallery showings soon followed, which true to form, no one attended or has heard of, but oh the adulation and prestige were all Ajax’s now. Ajax was positive that the path of being what you aren’t, of showing what isn’t, will truly show everyone who you are and what is really there. As you peruse the show, please feel free to pour a glass of adulation or cup of prestige all over Ajax, its what he lives for.


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