Fuschia Nightfire

Fuschia Nightfire (known in real life as Nina Camplin) is a mural artist specialising in trompe l’oeil. She is interested in challenging the viewer’s perception of space and creating illusions of faked realities.

Living in Dorset on the South Coast of the UK, many of her rl paintings feature the sea and the nearby heathland.

Fuschia is using second life as an alternative medium for creating art through her multi-award winning 3D works and animated film.

In 2010 she started making video/machinima on SL:


Or you can see her RL work by visiting her website at:


SL competitions and awards:

3rd Runner Up prize in the Machinima category of WD Sci Fi Challenge – December 2013
‘Everyday Life’ by Blindboy Gumbo

UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge Overall Winners – October 2012
6th prize
‘Ariadne Spinning the Universe’
MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists – December 2011
3rd prize
‘Art of the Artists’


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