Ranadeep is an experimental artist. A few years back he came across the beautiful world of fractals by chance – and ever since he has been more and more attracted to it. In his own words –

“I’m naturally curious and believe in variations. A signature style has always eluded me and I often end up making series of works that are completely different from each other in styles, forms, colors etc. I aim to create something for everyone…something that will appeal to the eyes…something that will appeal to the soul…and I do not care about the medium or technicality involved in the process of creating them. Hence, I work with various fractal software, digital software, apps, platforms etc. and often mix them together to get the final piece of work.

Small incidents of life, bigger events that change who and what we are about, a passing thought, a sudden mood or maybe some whimsical perceptions – these are my inspirations and are often reflected in my works.”

The Non-Representationals – A Collection of Fractal based Digital Abstraction Series
by Ranadeep

“The NonRepresentationals” is a collection of various series of Fractal based Digital Abstractions. Each series consists of several pieces of works. These are:

~ Series: Colors of the Dark (6 pieces)
~ Series: “Colors…”, She Said! (10 pieces)
~ Series: Chaotic Abstractions (6 pieces)
~ Series: Theory of Mind (4 pieces)
~ Series: Creation Myths (4 pieces)
~ Series: Hive Minds (4 pieces)

Come see the colors that emerge out of the darkness and scatter around, the forms that begin small and spread all over and let your mind interpret them with its own perception.


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