IanLee Patton

Hello, I am IanLee Patton. I make mainly anime/manga influenced digital art. My main influences are Masamune Shirow, Salvadore Dali, Leonardo, Chiho Aoshima, Redjuice, Busou Shinki, Andy Goldsworthy, H.R.Giger, Roger and Freya Dean & Derek Riggs to name loads. Other influences include Anime/Japanese shows such as Star Fleet, Ghost in the shell, Cowboy Bebop and…Goldenboy!

I have A level Art and an Illustration Degree which taught me various practical processes: screen printing, etching, life drawing and photography. Where it lacked was in Digital process since 14 yrs ago (wow!) computers were just beginning to become a big deal in illustration. Educational outlets appeared to be in a transitional phase too. So any digital art knowledge I have is pretty much self taught. It took shows like Cowboy bebop, which I watched around 2005, to reawaken my love of this style of drawing. A style which many believe to be “easy.” I assure you it has taken me about 10 years and many many awful experiments to feel even a bit confident about what I do. The anime style can be “easily ” copied. What is tough is finding your own style without copying as well as balancing elements of a picture relatively. Something way more easily said than done.

I am a firm believer in Political art as a means to carry a message. On the other hand I do not believe in inciting hatred so it is a bit of a paradox. One that I have yet to fully find an answer to. I’m not even sure there is an answer to that one!

When working digitally I always use just the one slightly oval brush in Photoshop. Everything is drawn with a tablet pen as I would work traditionally.

In SL I have shown work in various galleries such as the Artropolis artists sim which is now sadly departed.
I currently have a gallery at Space4art and a display at Freda’s Place cafe.

In RL I hope to show some of this work (most at its full resolution about 6x bigger) at local galleries in the UK later this year. If they’ll have me. If you know of anyone with a gallery please get in touch! Likewise if anyone would like to employ me to work in Japan please make my dreams come true.I have the ticket already.

Any queries or commission / business info please feel free to contact me through IM or notecard. Although notecard is most reliable if I’m away from SL for an extended period.


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