I came into this world, not knowing what kind of wonders i was to discover in it…

So i started to explore a lot of different worlds, fascinated by the works of art, architecture, all those brilliant humans here have created. And i was predominantly fascinated be the landscapes and the seasons they build. So i started to take pictures, not really knowing about much about light and light effects. Then later i found out about windlights and created my own for each picture, depending on what i saw and in what kind of mood i was in at the very moment. When doing my artwork i always listen my own mixed music streams to get the best out of my pictures. With my art i want to give a feeling to the people who look at it. I want them to feel what is behind the imagination of this picture. And i guess every one bears his own feeling inside, influencing what he sees and what is transmitted to him. I am trying to steadily improve my techniques, editing my pictures. Since my childhood in real life, I have always been attracted by art especially Impressionist and Art Nuoveau. So the biggest influence on my work i can name is the art of Impressionism that i really admire. Art has become my strongest passion found here, still learning, is a never ending story…

It is a big pleasure for me, when i am able to make people look at my art and when this makes them dream for a moment. I am proud to have an exhibition now at Influence Art Gallery. Thank you for watching my Art.


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