Influence Art Gallery is proud to present to you the wonderful and engaging work of Cullum Writer & Mcpol Kamachi, Saturday 25th at 2 PM SLT.

The Gallery is very excited to re-opening and showcase the newest creation of these two talented artists.



Cullum Writer

Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Cullum found her artistic inspiration here in SL with the SL’s tool known as “snapshot” she found the happiness to capture and perpetuate images that touch her sensibility with the harmony and grace of their forms and colors.
Her curiosity led her to try new techniques as fractals, collage, developing her graphic art.

She already had presented her works in some SL galleries as: Ice Cavern, Yardley Art´s, Pirats, Influence Art Gallery Community, The Modern Art Museum Buenos Aires, Teatro Tom Jobim Gallery, For Life Expo, Studiio Mfume, Aakriti Arts, Centro das Artes,The Rose Theatre, La Maison d´Aneli, K&W Galllery, Barerose, Small World Arts, kulturcafe, Invisible Gallery, Rainbow Painters Gallery, Universidade de Aveiros and LEA also has her art presented on FLICKR.

Nascida em Porto Alegre, Brasil, Cullum sentiu sua inspiração artística aqui no SL encontrando na ferramenta de SL – snapshot-o prazer de capturar e perpetuar as imagens que lhe tocam a sensibilidade tendo em vista a harmonia e graça de suas formas e cores.
Sua curiosidade a levou a experimentar novas técnicas como : fractais ,colagem ,desenvolvendo a arte grafica.

Já apresentou seus trabalhos em algumas galerias como: Ice Cavern Art , Yardley Art´s, Pirats, Influence Art Gallery Community,The Modern Art Museum Buenos Aires, Teatro tom jobim Gallery, For Life Expo, Studiio Mfume, Aakriti Arts , Centro das Artes, The Rose Theatre , La Maison d´Aneli, K&W Gallery, Barerose, Small World Arts, kulturcafe, Invisible Gallery, Rainbow Painters Gallery, Universidade de Aveiros and LEA e tem amostra de sua arte no FLICKR.

Mcpol Kamachi

The absence of rationality mixed with the manifestation of the human subconscious can be seen in the exhibition “Sense Nonsense” by the plastic artist Mcpol kamachi, which is on display at the Aveiros University Gallery. The works will be exposed for 30 days.
They are paintings produced using the oil on canvas technique.
The paintings portray the surreal theme, as well as landscapes and portraits. Mcpol Kamachi seeks with the brushes and the look, to present a critical and involving universe created by his images and moved by the inspiration and technique.
The title of the exhibition refers to a surrealist meaning, through which there is an exploration of the nonsense, or nonsensical, style that defies logic.
The surrealism expressed in the paintings of Mcpol Kamachi was influenced by the psychoanalytic theses of Sigmund Freud. This artistic current shows the importance of the unconscious in the creativity of the human being. Between principles of this movement are the absence of the logic, adoption of a superior reality and the exaltation of the freedom of creation. The works reject the values dictated by the bourgeoisie, and reveal images full of humor, dreams, utopias and any information contrary to logic. One of the most recognized artists of this time is the Spanish Salvador Dalí, with his work “The Persistence of Memory”.

Hillany Scofield

Hillany Scofield first joined Second Life in 2007 and began creating very early after, trying out the possibilities of the powerful tools for building and creating clothes. After being a host and manager in the famous Housemusic Club “Scoutlounge”, she started blogging fashion and soon was asked to join some fashion magazines, such as Trempe and Ferosh. Then in 2010 when the firestorm tools were developed, she explored the possibilities of Second Life photography which up until the present day is her real passion and in her view most rewarding field of her creative Second Life. As an artist she has had numerous exhibitions in Second Life art galleries and is also the owner of “Hills Gallery” that has hosted talented artist like Jammie Hill and Joslyn Benson in the past. This humble artist draws her inspiration from her fellow artists and photographers who she shares her Second Life experiences with. Hills believes A great inspiration also is the nature of human relationships. During the past years she collaborated with many of her admired artists, such as Aran M June, William Weaver and only recently with GoodCross and many others. Hills photography is described as highly erotic and sensual, while she adds that her aim is to make human emotions visible. This creative process to also includes dealing with and expressing the emotional side of Second Life. This is both rewarding and challenging in her view. At present Hillany is mainly working as a blogger for brands such as Lelutka, Kunglers Couture, Ys & Ys Skins and Aleutia. Yet she is keeping her Gallery open for selected Projects whenever time allows. Her present exhibition “You shine throught” can be visited until the end of April 2017.