Hillany Scofield

Hillany Scofield first joined Second Life in 2007 and began creating very early after, trying out the possibilities of the powerful tools for building and creating clothes. After being a host and manager in the famous Housemusic Club “Scoutlounge”, she started blogging fashion and soon was asked to join some fashion magazines, such as Trempe and Ferosh. Then in 2010 when the firestorm tools were developed, she explored the possibilities of Second Life photography which up until the present day is her real passion and in her view most rewarding field of her creative Second Life. As an artist she has had numerous exhibitions in Second Life art galleries and is also the owner of “Hills Gallery” that has hosted talented artist like Jammie Hill and Joslyn Benson in the past. This humble artist draws her inspiration from her fellow artists and photographers who she shares her Second Life experiences with. Hills believes A great inspiration also is the nature of human relationships. During the past years she collaborated with many of her admired artists, such as Aran M June, William Weaver and only recently with GoodCross and many others. Hills photography is described as highly erotic and sensual, while she adds that her aim is to make human emotions visible. This creative process to also includes dealing with and expressing the emotional side of Second Life. This is both rewarding and challenging in her view. At present Hillany is mainly working as a blogger for brands such as Lelutka, Kunglers Couture, Ys & Ys Skins and Aleutia. Yet she is keeping her Gallery open for selected Projects whenever time allows. Her present exhibition “You shine throught” can be visited until the end of April 2017.


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