Suzen Juel

Suzen JueL aka JueL Resistance grew up like most kids…she always loved art and took a bit of interest in it. As she grew older she became more and more drawn to use different mediums…from charcoal to ink, acrylics, oil paints, markers, and then to spices like curry and turmeric because of their warm and bold colors…even coffee grounds, used tea bags and other things that were around her. Known for her organic use of mediums, Suzen dabbled in any form of art she could get her hands on, moving fluidly from one medium to another.
In about 2005-2006 ‘ in Second Life, another musician told an artist about some of her paintings….. Suzen JueL laughed it off joking that she just got angry one day and scratched a face off one of her art pieces made of oil pastels…….She eventually was asked to be part of an artist community in the early days of SL where she did acoustic shows and featured various pieces of art she had been working on.
People started purchasing her original works from around the world and when asked how they have heard of Suzen…they replied ‘ooo, we first saw her work in Second Life…. So Second Life had a sweet impact on her art pieces…
Suzen has been referenced a bit to Pablo, Monet, and several other artist that have passed and those who still live…a sweet combination of ink, watercolor and expression and soon she moved into illustrating.
Suzen has illustrated 2 childrens books thus far and there is a 3rd one in the works that she will illustrate once the author is set to put the 3rd one out.
The family that Suzen JueL grew up in has a strong line of artists, musicians on both sides of her family. Her grandfather Jule also painted and did cartooning/ did her mother…as well as multiple musical instruments that also were weaved into the family history…Suzen JueL grew up in a world of color…spending time in her grandpa’s wonderful painting area in the basement, looking at all the colorful paint stains on the table…watching him draw after dinner or on sunny afternoons…
There was no motivation to do art or music…it was simply a hard push internally that insisted…not something she thought about any more than thinking about breathing….it just was, it just happened and however it came out was a release, an expression…

Suzen JueL Resistance accepted an opportunity to be a resident artist on LEA4 and created an environment around her songwriting with a strong emphasis on her original art. She’s been showing her art ‘in world’ off and on since 2005 but with a much stronger emphasis on it in the past year. (2016)… She has 2 facebook pages for her art as well as the Second Life Marketplace…and her website has links posted on where to find various art and or music.


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